LiveTally Converter

LiveTally Converter

LiveTally Converter is an adapter for TriCaster HD models that converts the Tally connector into closed contacts.

As standard, TriCaster Tally connector delivers 3 to 5 volts on pin used for Tally lights which is not suitable to connect to external Tally devices, including camera CCU. LiveTally Converter is a smart cable that plugs in one end to the TriCaster tally port and provides a standard DB15 connector with closed contacts only on the other end.

Technical features :

  • 15 pins (DB15) male connector for any TriCaster 410/450/450 Extreme/455/460/850/850 Extreme/855/860/8000
  • Small box with 15 pins (DB15) female connector
  • 40 cm long cable

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