LiveTally Air

Smart & Versatile Wireless Tally Lights Systems

Wireless transmission on the free frequency of 433MHz produces a reliable link over a distance of up to 250 metres between your control room and the cameras.

LiveTally Air

The package comprises a transmitter box and receiver boxes fitted with LEDs.

LiveTALLY Air transmitter:

The transmitter receives information from a camera’s PGM output and sends a pulse to turn on the red LED on the receiver assigned to this camera. If the mixer also generates information from the selected camera’s Preview channel, the LiveTALLY Air also transmits this and turns on the green LED located at the back of the receiver to keep the cameraman informed.

The metal case of the LiveTALLY Air transmitter incorporates a small screen for displaying the receiver statuses, an alarm button with flashing light in the event a receiver becoming deactivated, and a menu for managing the remote receivers.

Each LiveTALLY Air transmitter manages up to 8 receivers. Two transmitters can be connected to a single mixer to handle up to 16 cameras.

Technical characteristics

  • Compatible with TriCaster 410/450/450 Extreme/455/460/850/850 Extreme/855/860/8000 units
  • Compatible with most mixers on the market that support Tally management
  • DB9 outlet for connecting to the mixer via the DB9/DB15 cable supplied (length 1.5m)
  • Management of the Tally Program on TriCaster
  • Management of the Tally Program and Preview on Roland mixers
  • Supports up to 8 LiveTALLY Air receivers
  • 8 channels supported in the 433MHz transmission waveband
  • Mains plug and power supply block supplied.
LiveTally Air

LiveTALLY Air Receiver:

The receiver comes in a professionally finished, lightweight, tough case. It has a large red LED on the fascia for the people on the set, and a small red and small green LED at the back for the cameraman.

The red LED lights up when the camera concerned is on PGM, and the green LED when on Preview. A small notched wheel under each receiver can be used with a screwdriver to set a number from 1 to 16 to assign the receiver to any mixer input. LiveTally Air Receiver includes an extra connector to plug an optional small LED that can be remotely placed closer to the cameraman’s eye or into the camera’s viewfinder. LiveTALLY Air receivers are powered by an internal battery that can be recharged using the transmitter’s power supply block. A charge lasts 2 or 3 days depending on how heavily the battery is used. An optional D-Tap adapter can be used to power the receiver directly from the camera.

Each receiver is delivered, ready for use, with one 1/4'' screws adapter for camera flash hot shoe mount and one 1/4" male to 1/4" male threaded screw adapter.

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