FingerWorks iVGA

Draw as easily as speaking!
Touchscreen telestrator facility for TriCaster and 3Play

FingerWorks iVGA is a graphics workstation for adding information to TV images in current affairs, sports, scientific, and many other programmes. Using its big touchscreen, commentators can enhance their voice commentaries unaided: they can display animated symbols to focus attention on an important area of the image, they can draw the path of a ball, illustrate operator actions, etc. The on-air package is automatically and continuously fed to the TriCaster mixing station to be broadcast alongside the vocal commentary.

FingerWorks iVGA

The FingerWorks station is particularly well suited to the enhancement of sports programmes, for example taking an image at the start of an action and explaining the tactic as it unfolds. It’s an ideal enhancement for animating polls or weather charts, where it can provide a real-time illustration of political swings or bad weather progressions. It can be used on giant screen replays for showing offside lines, explaining refereeing decisions, etc.

Each reporter—a “commentator-telestrator”—has a custom range of graphical tools. All they have to do is grab one with a finger and drag it to the required spot on the image. They have easy access to simple, intuitive tools for drawing arrows, singling out a person with a circle, etc. Using FingerWorks becomes as natural as using a blackboard to illustrate what you are saying.

FingerWorks iVGA

Broad range of tools:

In addition to classical drawing facilities such as lines, curves, or geometric shapes, FingerWorks also features dynamic zooming, spotlights, halos, all kinds of animated arrows, and a whole library of 3D animated objects. Its real time 3D rendering engine enables the use of customised, high quality tools. The operator chooses the best tools for the subject in hand and can call up a simple customisation menu from the touchscreen.

Mask management:

FingerWorks iVGA features built-in masking technology to enable foreground and background to be differentiated and to mimic the image’s perspective. Players can be automatically uncoupled from the field, enabling graphic items to be placed on a transparent layer between the two planes. Using this function, graphical items can be inserted with no detriment to the scene proportions. Notable uses include placing the offside line, depicting angles of view, showing distances, etc.

FingerWorks iVGA

Two available versions:

For applications that don’t need a mask, FingerWorks LT iVGA is the optimised budget version. It features all the tools that the FingerWorks iVGA full version provides for displaying incrusted graphics as an overlay of the whole image.

FingerWorks satisfied users include:

ABC/ESPN, Big Ten Network, CBS Sports, CBS Sports Network, Dallas Cowboys, Comcast SportsNet, Fox Sports, Fox Sports 1, Miami Heat, MSG, NASCAR, NBA Network, NBC Sports Group, NBC Olympics, NHL Network, NY Giants, TBS, TNT, TSN

Technical characteristics:

  • 3U rack, 30cm drawer depth
  • 16GB RAM, 3TB hard disk.
  • 24" touchscreen as standard
  • SDI video input and output
  • Direct iVGA link to Tricaster and 3Play

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